Video Surveillance

Commercial Security Systems have evolved with technology. Legacy Video surveillance and CCTV systems relied on pixel changes to trigger motion detection. These systems provided images and recording based on pixel changes caused by motion. Pixel changes are often caused by clouds, rain, vegetation movement, and other environmental factors.  Today basic CCTV still relies on this old technology with advanced imaging up to 5 megapixels. These basic systems are still adequate for most small business and homeowners.

Cloud Based Video Surveillance System Installation provides Onsite Video Recording with cloud hosted subscription management services works with any ONVIF compliant camera. Cloud Hosted services are perfect for small to mid size camera system deployments. Advantages include elimination of onsite servers and storage maintenance. Additionally the initial out of pocket hardware expenses are also reduced for a more economical start-up.

With the new high speed technology available from local internet service providers cloud security cameras with hosted services provide adequate coverage for many small business and home owner applications looking for commercial grade video surveillance installation. Our team of video surveillance experts provide our clients with the best security camera installation and lowest cost of ownership. Professional technicians utilizing the most modern installation techniques provide installations of video surveillance cameras designed for the application with time tested wiring techniques and conduit where needed.  Cloud Based Video Surveillance System Equipment is only as good as the installation.

Our System Engineers visit you location to make sure your network is up to par with your video surveillance system installation requirements. The biggest problem with cloud based video surveillance is the capability of your Internet Service Provider. Together our systems engineers and your management team can decide how many cameras you need and whether a cloud based video surveillance installation is the best choice for you.

Cloud Based Security Solutions include: Video Surveillance, Access Control, Video Storage and more.

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