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Communications and technology system begins with an infrastructure design

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. provides integrated security systems installation, business alarms and business video surveillance and analytics solutions with offices in Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Old Forge Scranton Area, Harrisburg PA. We understand the unique commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Educational security, video surveillance camera system, access control and analytics systems needs of each individual property and customize our product offering accordingly.  Our clients range from small business to International Companies, Municipalities and Government. We have the knowledge and experience to integrate all the modern security technology into one user-friendly integrated security and analytics system.

Your communications and technology system begins with an infrastructure design. Our professional team at Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm will first conduct a site survey, and then design a structured cabling plan based on your needs. We can assist you with new cabling or re configuring existing cabling. We will help you in choosing the optimal solution to keep your business running and connected.

Replacing UTP copper cables to the desktop with fiber optics was never cost effective, as each link requires converters to connect to the copper port on the PC to fiber and another on the hub/switch end unless dedicated hubs/switches with fiber ports are used. Some users did pay that cost, as they expected to upgrade to speeds that would not run on UTP and did not want to install upgrades each time the network speed increased.

Fiber optic communication has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Unlike traditional transmission methods that send signals through metallic-based systems, fiber optics are not electrical in nature. The transmission device generates a light signal, which the fiber cable carries to a receiver. The fiber optic thread is not an active source that generates electricity.

However, the solution to cost-effective fiber in the LAN is using centralized fiber (see right side of diagram above.) Since fiber supports longer links than copper, it’s possible to build networks without telecom rooms for intermediate connections, just passive fiber optics from the main equipment room to the work area. In the standards, this is known as centralized fiber architecture. Since the telecom room is not necessary,  the user saves the cost of the floor space for the telecom room, the cost of providing uninterrupted power and data ground to the telecom room and year-round air conditioning to remove the heat generated by high speed networking equipment. This will usually more than offset the additional cost of the fiber link and save maintenance costs.

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